Who we are and what we do

Magna Auriga is derived from the Latin "Magnae" und "Aurigae".

Magnae means "big", "heavy" or "much", while Aurigae stands for "charioteer" or "helmsman".

That pretty much sums up what we do:

We direct and control flows of goods for industrial projects.
And the goods we move for our customers are usually quite large, quite heavy and often very numerous.

But we don't just transport large and heavy things from A to B.
We also develop logistics concepts for our customers and plan the transports and assemblies down to the last detail - right from the start.

And once we have delivered the goods to the construction sites, we also install them.


Why we can do that?

  • because we have more than 20 years of experience and expertise in logistics and project logistics.
  • because we have been involved in a wide variety of projects in many countries around the world and therefore have an international network.
  • because we work with some of the best minds in this industry and together we not only find unconventional solutions to challenges, but also get things moving.

And, of course, because we can mobilize state-of-the-art equipment almost anywhere.


What else we do:

In addition to logistics topics, we are also intensively involved with digitalization.

We develop solutions for using digital applications for project logistics.

And this not only for us as a company, but also for our customers and for the industry.